Thursday, August 20, 2015

You Won't Get Another Life

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a must see! 

In a nutshell, my review: this film is fun, it's flirtacious, it's deep yet frivolous. It's perfect.

Three buddies from school days who are now all rich, gorgeous, well dressed and very, very au courant Indian urbanites (who move easily between English and Hindi), go on a road trip through Spain as an extended bachelor party. One of the three is getting married, and each of the men chooses a place and an activity that they will all participate in while on this road trip.

Each man has his vulnerable spot, recognized by his friends. You won't get another life is a rough translation of the movie's title. And during the trip each man is encouraged to face his fears and to take significant actions that ultimately transforms him. 

I just love how life's challenges are addressed in this movie, rather than ignored. Each friend gets to fight his most fearsome dragon (and win!!) all on one landscape-lovely (Costa Brava, Valencia, Pamplona and Seville, and the beautiful male stars), poetic (poems written by Javed Akhtar), cheeky road trip in a vintage1949 skyblue Buick Super

with the top down AND a great sound track to support the dancing scenes (La Tomatina (tomato festival) which is like Holi, but monochromatic, and includes our stars dancing shirtless being showered by fountains of tomato sauce, a flamenco masala number sung by Maria del Mar Fernandez and danced by our multi-talented stars, and a choreographed run through the narrow streets of Pamplona)

This movie is so fun! It sweeps you along, entertains you all the way, and surprises and delights you at every turn. Enjoy.


MD Mazhar said...
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MD Mazhar said...

Zindagi Naa Milegi Doobaara is an amazing movie. hrithik as always has been awesome, absolutely brilliant songs, you can also hear them here Zindagi Naa Milegi Songs